Laptop Repair Services

Liquid Damage repairs

Screen and keyboards replacement, logic boards repairs

Laptops brands we fix

Laptop Repairs

We work with all brands of laptops.

Common issues we repair

    1. Overheating or freezing laptop
    2. Laptop screen and cover replacement
    3. Damaged power buttons or connectors
    4. Noisy fan replacement
    5. Liquid spill damage repairs
    6. AC power jack replacement
    7. Repair damaged laptop hinges

Liquid damage repairs

Why buy new when it can be fixed

    1. Strip Down & Dry Out’ service.
    2. Inspect all external and internal issues of a spill.
    3. Logic board inspection.
    4. Highest quality components used.
    5. Free quotation on repairs.
Desktop Computer

Upgrades and Optimisation

Speed up your laptop

    1. Memory upgrades, most new laptop come out with the minimum spec of memory.
    2. Solid State Hard drive upgrades.
    3. Software errors repaired
    4. Laptop optimization
    5. Upgrade your OS version to the latest

    Most computer operating system get slower as they get older and take longer to perform basic operations. We can get it back to its original performance.

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