macbook air

Performance Upgrades

    1. A SSD Upgrade is first choice for better performance
    2. Upgrade Memory (Ram) to boost the performance
    3. Upgrade to the newest OS for latest features
    4. Only best quality components are fitted
    5. Free pick up at your convenience.


Common Problems on Mac's we fix

  1. Mac not switching on
  2. Grey flashing folder on screen
  3. Beeping sound on power up
  4. Mac does not shutdown
  5. Slow connection to internet
  6. Mac not recognising Wi-Fi network
  7. Printer problems
  8. Unresponsive software
  9. Frozen Mac
  10. Over heating
  11. No start up chime
  12. Liquid damage
  13. Logic board failure

Desktop Computer

Other services we offer

  1. New Mac installation
  2. Data migration from PC to Mac
  3. Windows Parallels setup
  4. iTunes setup
  5. Time Machine setup
  6. iCloud backup
  7. Sonos Music system setup
  8. Email account consolidation
  9. Most OS get slower over a period of time and take longer to do basic functions. It is time for a health check.
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